Book Review: The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life

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Title: The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life: Connecting Christ to Human Experience
Author: Jeremy Pierre
Publisher: New Growth Press (October 3, 2016)
Language: English
Formats: Paperback, Kindle
Pages: 288

In The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life, Jeremy Pierre reminds us that people are multi-faceted beings existing in more than the immediate moment or context. However, many will look at a single action (a father yells at his child for having a messy room, a wife cries when her husband works late, a child takes a toy away from his sibling) and attempt to address only that particular issue/instance without looking to the various elements that combined to bring about the situation in question. This is where many counselors fail their counselees, seeking to correct behavior without getting to the underlying contributing factors.
The Christian should understand that there is a spiritual element to man, and it is ultimately this level that needs to be addressed. If someone has a faulty view of God, his or her responses will be shaped in error. Additionally, our views and responses are influenced by the various circles with which we identify (culture, ethnicity, education, career, family, church).
Pierre’s call is for counselors to dig deep and help counselees not only gain an understanding of how their outside influences affect their lives but respond rightly to them and not allow them to lead away from biblical living.
The information given is not new or groundbreaking, but it is good for all Christians to remember. Overall, I’d rate this book 4/5.

Note: I received a free copy of this book through Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for my fair and honest appraisal. I was not required to provide positive feedback.

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