This is simply amazing!!!!!!!

The exclamation point seems to be one of the most overused pieces of punctuation, and you will probably find that most editors and publishers today do not want to see them in your writing. I think that completely eliminating them … Continue reading

I’d like a quote, please…

Ah, quotation marks. They seem like such simple pieces of punctuation, yet they are abused like the rest. Their primary function is to indicate something is a direct quote or a piece of dialogue. They also serve other functions, and … Continue reading

A mad dash…

I apologize for the long delay in between posts. I am hoping to be more consistent. Ellipses (singular, ellipsis), dashes, and hyphens are three more punctuation marks that are not always used well. In today’s post, I want to give … Continue reading

I am the king of Colon…

Let’s face it, colons and semicolons (or semi-colons, if you prefer) are punctuation marks that are not always used properly. Even in my own writing I have shied away from them because I have not wanted to misuse them. (Remember, … Continue reading

Let’s eat Grandma!

I’m sure you’ve seen the memes floating around the ol’ Interwebs that are pro-Oxford Comma. In case you have been living under a rock, here is one example: There has been much debate over the Ox, and it has become … Continue reading

A little breathing space…

Ah, the comma. A delightful piece of punctuation that gives us pause…literally. Of course, that is not its only function, yet you would not know it by the way it is abused or not even used at all. Here are … Continue reading

You’ve been tagged!

Exclaimed. Whispered. Queried. Shouted. Grunted. Begged. Sighed. Hissed. Wailed. Bellowed. The words used to indicate how a person is speaking are numerous, and I remember my elementary school days when we had writing exercises that required us to use many … Continue reading

They don’t mean the same thing…really…

Nothing aggravates me more than reading something and finding improperly used words. It is especially frustrating when a word is close and at the same time so far off the mark. Here are a few examples and accompanying sentences to … Continue reading

These are the best daze of our lives…

One of my biggest pet peeves is to see words mispelled misspelled. It is especially frustrating to witness this all-too-common occurrance occurrence from my fellow authors. True, this typically happens in the world of social media, but I find it … Continue reading

Apostrophe Apocalypse – The Apostralypse

Did you see what I did with the post title? Pretty clever, eh? But seriously, the apostrophe is one of the most abused punctuation marks around, and I think it is primarily due to an incorrect understanding of plurals and … Continue reading