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Chain - Image by Emin OzkanThe following links are websites and/or blogs that I find especially interesting. Clicking should open a new window. Please contact me if this isn’t the case, or if a link is broken. Also, inclusion of a link on this page does not necessarily imply 100% agreement with the page/organization to which the link leads.

Øtherworld – Follow the adventures of Jarrod Luckbane as he gets to live out his favorite online role-playing game. The first adventure, Luckbane, is due in 2013.

Writer’s Digest – A wealth of current information for the aspiring author. Have questions about the technical aspects of writing? This is a great source! A unique feature is that the homepage has a daily writing prompt to help get your creative juices flowing. Additionally, they offer several resources that may help you with specific issues, such as character, setting, or plot development.

NaNoWriMo – Home to the National Novel Writing Month challenge, where authors seek to write an entire novel in just 30 days. Online interactions with other authors, fun merchandise, inspirational e-mails, and opportunities to connect in person with local writers provide an environment that just might take you from wishing you could write a story to actually getting the words on paper.

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