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I have a passion for writing, which I hope has been evident on this site. I also have a desire to help others improve their writing. As such, I have a couple of services to offer those who want a little help on their journeys.

First, I am glad to serve as a peer reviewer. Whether you have a scene, chapter, or completed draft, you can approach me for an opinion on what you have written. If your work is finished and ready for publishing, I will read it and post an impartial review here on my blog as well as on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and/or any other commercial site(s) where your book will be marketed. This service is free of charge, although I would require you post my review on your own website or blog, too.

Second, I will provide editing services. Because I am newer to the world of editing, my rates are low. I charge half a cent per word to look for nothing but punctuation errors (a 50,000-word book would cost $250). If you want me to comment on grammar, style, and suggest rewording, that will cost one and a half cents per word (meaning a 50,000-word book would cost $750).

Because I work full-time, am a husband and father, and have other responsibilities, I cannot take on too many projects at once. However, depending on the length of your project and the level of work you want me to do, I would estimate that I can provide a 15- to 30-day turnaround.

Not all projects will qualify for my services. If your work is sexually explicit, full of profanity, or atheistic/anti-God in any way, I am not the right fit for you. Likewise, if you are promoting a non-Christian religion, I would not feel free to review your work. While fiction is where I feel the most comfortable, I am willing to review non-fiction pieces, too.

Inquiries can be made through You may send your manuscript at the time of inquiry and I will respond as soon as I can. Please submit manuscripts in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice formats and include a brief synopsis in your e-mail. If I am willing or able to take on your project, I will e-mail you a contract.

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