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Image of Vintage Fountain Pen

Image by Krzysztof Szkurlatowski

As of 3/18/13, I have co-author credit on five books in The Truth Chronicles series with my friend, Tim Chaffey; the sixth is being written with an expected release of mid-2013. It is a fun series of books that follows four teens as they come to terms with matters of faith while struggling with a variety of questions about life. These books are written with a 6th-8th grade audience specifically in mind, but children (and adults) of all ages have greatly enjoyed the stories. That makes perfect sense, because who doesn’t like dinosaurs and time-travel?

In addition, I have written two short stories, “Under the Open Sky” and “Dereliction of Duty,” that will hopefully be appearing in a collection entitled Worlds of Faith, compiled by Paul Taylor. This tome is expected in May 2013. I found that I really enjoy writing short stories and plan to make them at least a semi-regular part of my writing routine. I am contemplating putting together a collection of my own short stories, which could possibly be available by the end of 2013 or early 2014.

Once I have finished my initial draft work for the sixth Truth Chronicles book, I have at least three novel-length story ideas in mind that I can be working on. My short story, “Under the Open Sky,” serves as a prequel to one of these ideas, so I am especially excited about getting that one off of the ground.

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